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Whether you’re looking to refresh a room, redecorate your entire home or have a newly built home, we can help. We will discuss your plans and advise on the best painting solution that will help you achieve the look and finish you are wanting. We do our best to minimise the impact in your home while giving you a high quality results through thorough preparation, premium quality products and over 30 years of experience.

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If you need a change in the bedroom, you don’t need to recreate your entire space which can be expensive. In many cases, a change of colour can be all you need to give your bedroom a major facelift and give you a restful, relaxing space.

Living Areas

The living area is where many people spend much of their time. Colours have a huge impact in how a room is utilised but it can also be confusing trying to decide which to choose! We can assist by discussing your entire project with you and advising on the best direction to take.


A quick way of refreshing your bathroom area is a change of paint but due to the usage – think water, steam and damp – this is a job that needs to be done right. Our knowledge and experience will help make sure your painting is done quickly using the correct techniques and materials.

Dinning Areas

When it comes to choosing colour, personal preference plays a huge part. Once you’ve made the decision to paint, we will guide you through the process of not only selecting colours but colours that will suit your existing furnishings and your current room usage.


Wallpaper has really had a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Available in a mind boggling range of colours, patterns and textures you can even use murals or decals to completely personalise any room and leave boring behind!


Painting can be a great way of refreshing your home or offices look. With recent improvements in paint technology, the sky is the limit in what you can achieve and limited only by your imagination.

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